Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prison Is An Angry Father

24 artists come together on 14 tracks to confront why we still cage people. By purchasing this record, you are making a donation to the Cage Project.

In collaboration with established organizations, the Cage Project employs unconventional social interventions to challenge the systemic ignorance fueling mass incarceration.

released 30 March 2011
Artists include:

- Matthew Blair
- The Controversy
- Lech Szporer & Mitch Van Dusen
- The BuddyHollycost
- Dora Bleu
- Magpie Killjoy
- Julia Cohen
- La Part Maudite
- Philippe Battikha & Mitch Van Dusen
- Sabrina Calle
- W.S. Burns
- Corse
- Andrew Hurst
- Snowblink

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