Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two New Mixes

So here are two new, very different mixes I just made.

The first - "No Pants" - is the kind of mixtape I used to make back in the day, first on cassettes and later on CDs. It's a break from the usual bassy/clubby music I usually bother to put into mixes these days, and is pretty fun to listen to: basically just a bunch of tunes strung together back to back, covering a whole whack of styles, from Hip-Hop to Metal to Punk to Electronic and more. Listen and download here:

No Pants Mixtape by Sam Vipond on Mixcloud

The second - "Auditory Cheesecake Volume 3" or "Fancy Pants" is the sort of mix I've been meaning to make for a long time but haven't gotten around to until now. It's a more serious-sounding collage of experimental electronica, classical music and other things designed to take you on a bit of a head trip. Some friends may remember Auditory Cheesecake Volume 2., a mix CD I made years ago and burned dozens of copies of... that one was a bit of a hit, I remember... maybe this one will be too? Enjoy:

Auditory Cheesecake Vol. 3 (Fancy Pants Mixtape) by Sam Vipond on Mixcloud

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