Friday, September 18, 2009

Mix CD's

Damn. First day, um... 'blogging' and I've already got a sh*t-ton of posts, or so it seems. Anywho, from time to time, I'll make a mix CD, kind of a 'virtual mix cd' if you will - basically just a folder with some tunes in it, put in an order I like. Kind of like back in the day when I made mixtapes, or later mix CDs, but now you can just download it and throw it in your iTunes or whatever. Oh and just to say, I am only posting the stuff to maybe introduce people to music I like. If you like what you hear you should um, go buy the albums and stuff. And if you're a music industry person, you should definitely NOT demand that I give you $675,000. That would just be SILLY. Oh yeah, and I tend to use sendspace or other similar things to put these up, so they probably won't last forever. So get 'em while they're hot kids!

Download Mix

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