Friday, September 18, 2009

The Wobble Incident Premieres at Pop Montreal... at last!

So I had the (coolest) opportunity this year to work on an experimental film with Claire Blanchet. (She is the coolest also.) We made a peculiar short film (about 4 minutes) about two little characters living in a silent-film world, whose universe 'goes bananas' when it gets invaded by sound. She did the animation (in 3D no less) and I did the music. We both think it's pretty neat. Anywho, the premiere is on October 1st at the Espace Reunion - 6600 Hutchison (Corner Beaubien), also known as the Pop Symposium Headquarters at 8pm. Once again, there's a link to the FB event to the right (NFB making music). Three other super-fantastic films will be showing as well. Aw ye!

Update: now that I know how, there's also a link to the FB event below. Yay!

Facebook Link

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