Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Children, it's Alright - IndieGoGo Fundaraiser

The next film I'll be sound-designing for is a project led by Eric Hanson (in whose "Church of Doubt and Dissent" band I have played drums a few times). This is going to be a really neat animation which will combine traditional 2D, new-fangled 3D, and stop-motion into a great big pile of awesome. It is being funded in part by the NFB's Filmmaker Assistance Program, but in order to more adequately pay the folks working on the film (such as myself), Eric is launching an IndieGoGo campaign. You can watch the (very convincing) pitch video below:

If you're able to contribute to this campaign (and want to), then please do. You can also help simply by sharing the video and/or the link to the IndieGoGo page, or by liking and sharing the associated Facebook Page. Thanks!

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